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Does the Will of a God Burn within Your Soul?


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In a world where humans must wear mystical pendants to survive, Justices of the Peace use sword and sorcery to bring law and order to the land of Severa, engaging in mortal combat against their own kind, as well as living, breathing corporations, all while searching for their twin flames.

Like Game of Thrones meets House of Cards, this dark fantasy takes you on a journey of the heart and soul through a narrative that seems at once familiar in its modernity and its themes, yet is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

It's a tale of romance, action, intrigue, and will.


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The Series

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Book 2 - The High Priestess


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"A very talented writer and a very interesting concept.  I enjoyed them."

~ Daisy Cousens
(Sky News Australia)



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Press Kit

If you'd like to write about Thelema, you may email Marushia Dark

to request a free key to an electronic press copy.  Be sure to include

"Press Access" in the subject line, along with your credentials.

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Parental Advisory: This work is highly graphic and generally not suitable for children.
Thelemic Arts is the official site for the urban dark fantasy series, Thelema by Marushia Dark.
All rights reserved.  Please support the official release.

The Intrawebs

Because we live in an internet age, where information is not just important,

but readily available and social, we've created an official wiki called The Intrawebs,

where you can learn more about the lore of Thelema.  It's useful if you just need

a quick reminder of something or are looking for more in-depth detail. 


Be warned!!  Some pages may contain spoilers!!

If you'd like to help us expand this lexicon, consider signing up on Wikia

and filling out pages at your leisure.  Please keep all info accurate.

Fans are also welcome and encouraged to craft their own fan art for this

or any other purpose.  Periodically, Marushia Dark will post the ones

they like best on social media.  Maybe yours will be included?

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The Author

The name "Marushia Dark" is a pseudonym, used as both an online username and a pen name.  Its author is a very private individual and does not like to give out their demographic information, including their real name, address, age, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preferences.

Such things are irrelevant to most interactions and are frankly no one else's business anyway.

Likewise, they rarely show their real face or use their real voice online for the same reason, and instead use an avatar and a digital persona.

That's not to say Marushia isn't a sociable person.


Indeed, so long as your question has nothing to do with their identity or spoilers, you can feel free to ask them just about anything you want.



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