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The Author

Who is Marushia Dark?

Author, artist, libertarian nationalist, dark transhumanist, my name is Marushia Dark.  I don't generally give out my demographic info to people, but you can still learn more about me on my personal site:

My Goal

Obviously, I'm a real person, even if my avatar is literally a troll.  By not having a public identity, I find it allows people to more easily accept what I have to say without superficial prejudice, focusing instead on those qualities we all share as fellow humans.  I aim to bring people of differing views together and to help them think critically about all manner of stuff in the hopes of creating a better world for all.

Contact Me :

I'm usually on Twitter @MarushiaDark

Avatar of author, Marushia Dark

Upcoming Things

  • Thelema merchandise, including t-shirts, bookmarks, etc.
  • Construction of a wiki site to chronicle info about Thelema.
  • Release of The High Priestess, 1st Edition - Winter 2019.
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