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Book 0

The Fool

A fantastical tale of love,

action, intrigue, and will.

What if you were born into a world where the gods once walked among men and women?  Where you wake up every morning to find a mystical pendant around your neck and know, as everyone knows, that the gods had granted you this awesome gift, to house your will, allowing you to perform incredible feats.  But what if that blessing was also a curse in that it tethered your soul to the world; and if you removed it, you would forfeit the will to live?  What if your pendant was merely the missing half to someone else's pendant?  Someone whom you've never met, and may never meet, for the gods were selfish and cruel in keeping you apart?  Every time you gaze down at your pendant, you feel the promise of great joy and despair simultaneously as every fiber of your being is drawn to your other half - your twin flame.

If only you could summon the will of a god yourself, perhaps you'd be united.

What if this same world was inhabited by legions of monsters known as juristic persons - living, breathing corporations with wills and minds of their own?  What if such creatures had rights and powers that far exceeded those of humans?

Into such a world were born Dean Maynard and Jane Stewart - Justices of the Peace who use the Thelemic arts, along with their martial prowess and knowledge of the Law, to bring about order and justice in the land of Severa.  When a routine trial by jury gets turned into a trial by combat, however, the balance of power between mankind and its creations shifts, leading some to question whether

the course of history will be forever changed, and humanity’s future

suddenly becomes uncertain.

As everyone tries to find peace and purpose in their lives, dark and

sinister forces begin to emerge from the shadows thrusting the

Department of Justice into a battle for the soul of Severa

and the lives of its citizenry. 

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The Fool
The Magician

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What do these seven contemptible things all have in common?




It's been several months since Dean Maynard and Jane Stewart parted ways in The Fool - a fateful decision, a heated investigation, and one regrettable night have led to their reluctant separation.


Attorney General Lucy Fellman tries to distract her team from the pain of loss as the Department of Justice refocuses on training through the long, summer months in preparation for what seems like an inevitable showdown between humans and juristic persons.  Yet she too must face many trials ... against friend and foe alike.


The ever-wary Justice Ewen Miller leads an inquest into the mysterious death of fellow judge, Howard Mason, only to uncover a world of dark arts and occult supernatural forces.  Things grow all the more sinister as he begins to suspect an ancient secret society of powerful compurgators might be involved.


Justice Rob Lexington and his friends set out to bring about law and order to Caprea against a gang of belligerents known as the Kitsunebi, but the judicial officers soon find themselves dragged into the strange and uncanny sphere of a spellbinding stage magician calling himself Karmi.




In a battle fought with swords and sorcery, who will ultimately prevail?   

Continue now this fantastical tale of love, action, intrigue, and will.

Book 1

The Magician

Apathy, Belligerence, Bureaucracy, Hubris,, Hypocrisy, Pettiness,, Pretension

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The High Priestess
Book 2

The High Priestess

Now is the winter of our discontent,

and the Advent of all Misery.

Winter draws nigh and Justice Elijah Blackheart reflects on dark family matters, while those around him prepare for the sacred and joyous festival of Yule.


The masked pyromancer, Belligerence, has evaded capture by the Department of Justice and helped the beguiling shapeshifter, Pretension, escape the Several government’s custody.  The two are on the lam, relentlessly tracked and hunted by the bureacratic forces of the Confederacy and the Order of the Silver Dusk alike; but the fire-bending fox has no intention of remaining hidden.  


With the aid of his devout followers, and a death-worshipping bounty hunter, the masked villain has crafted a plan to strike back against those who oppress him.


Justice Dean Maynard is left physically and mentally scarred from his traumatic encounter with these contemptible foes and enlists the aid of the DOJ’s top shrink, Mallory Arguile, to help him face his demons, both inner and outer.


Attorney General Lucy Fellman and her stalwart clerk,  Jane “the giant-slayer” Stewart, attempt to maintain law and order at the highest levels as the latter is challenged by far more human forces - but ones which pose no less of a threat.   Can they survive long enough to make it home for the holidays?


In a battle for the heart and soul of humanity, who will ultimately prevail?   Continue now this fantastical tale of love, action, intrigue, and will.

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